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Air Conditioning Top Up from £79.95 (inc VAT)

Air Conditioning Recharge

Car Air Conditioning can create and maintain a comfortable driving environment inside a vehicle. To do this it transfers heat from inside a vehicle to the outside keeping the temperature low inside. The system the cools, dries and cleans the air to return into the car.

However, Air Conditioning units/systems require regular maintenance as they begin to lose their cooling (refrigerant) abilities which can leak through old joints in components. This is often caused over the winter months as the joints begin to ‘dry out’ through the system not being used. But if you leave your Air Conditioning operating at low temperature levels other problems can occur with the lubricant circulation (releasing moisture may enter the system).

At the Madeley Testing Station we ensure that:

  • The performance of your Air Conditioning system if fully functional
  • The system is clean and treated for bacteria which can grow inside the system (often leads to ‘funny’/strange smell from your Air Conditioning system
    Air Conditioning ‘Recharge’ (Complete change of gas) – £79.95 (inc VAT)

Call us today and book your air con recharge - just £79.95