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Brake Replacement

Brake Replacements (Discs, Drums & Pads)

As we’re sure you know, the purpose of a braking system is to slow/stop your vehicle. It is important therefore that for your safety you ensure that your braking system is maintained. If you are experiencing any unusual noises, vibrations, or ‘pulling’ of the vehicle when braking should be investigated immediately here at MTS.

All vehicles come fitted with Brake Discs (or Drums) and Pads (or Shoes) to slow the vehicle down and over time they wear down requiring replacement. We welcome any customer to come in for a FREE visual brake check of the Discs & Pads if your car is equipped with them so we can advise and quote as necessary.

If you’d like to test the efficiency of your vehicle’s brakes and have a brake performance test done on your vehicle prior to an MOT we are happy to provide you with an accurate reading of their performance with a percentage reading, please get in touch to book in.

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