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Cambelt Replacement

Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacement

One of the most important items of a vehicle’s engine is it’s cambelt, this item in simple terms, keeps the valves in-time with the pistons when your engine is running. As you can imagine, when these valves and pistons are rotating at incredible speeds it is paramount that timing is ‘exact’ and this is why belts are so important. If you’re unfortunate enough to have one of these belts snap on you, your engine can suffer catastrophic damage.

Most manufacturers encourage vehicle owners to replace these belts between 60 & 70k miles (or when the vehicle is over 6 years old) to prevent extensive engine damage. It is a specialist job and requires experience & care to complete. We perform these replacement on a day to day basis and thus have the knowledge, tools and experience to take on this job for you.

If you believe your own vehicle could be due a Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacement then get in touch with us today to discuss the job in detail and for us to provide a quote.